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Everpos Erp System
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Introduction EverPOS

EverPOS is a POS Software which is mainly used to conduct sales, stock management and billing or invoicing for retail and wholesale store or businesses like Restaurant, Pharmacy, Electronics store, Gadgets shop, Computers store, Mobile shop, Super shop, Fashion, Saloon/Spa/Beauty parlor etc.

POS stands for “Point of sales”. A Point of Sales (POS) systems basically handle any combination of checkout, inventory control (Stock), customer management (CRM), Employee Management, Purchase & Bill and Invoice Management. Our EverPOS system will help you automate the point of sales, improve inventory tracking and enable more effective management of customer data to grow profits and decrease store inefficiencies.

Our Point of Sales software EverPOS will automate specific activities within the requested modules with integrated software with a purpose to facilitate the flow of information between and across the business functions covered by the implemented modules.

Once you implement the EverPOS, it helps you to monitor and analyze all the activities in day-to-day basis.

The best institutes rely on us.

Core Features

Multiple Business

User Management

Customer Management

Contact Management


Bulk product imports

Product variants and composites




POS Sell

Manage Expenses

Account Management

Payment alert

Stock Transfers

Stock Adjustment

Bookings Table


Bill & Invoice

Print Labels

Manage Warranties

Quotation Manage

Sells Return

Payment methods


Manage Discounts

Add Location / Storefronts / Ware House

Reward points

Business Settings

Business Locations

Invoice Settings

Barcode Settings

Receipt Printers

Tax, Group Taxes

Types of service

Package Subscriptions

Profit / Loss Report

Product Sell Report

Service Staff Report

Table Report

Sales Representative

Register Report

Expense Report

Sell Payment Report

Purchase Payment Report

Product Purchase Report

Stock Adjustment Report

Stock Report

Supplier Report

Customer Report

Tax Report

Activity Log

SMS/Email Notifications

Some more features

Table Allocation

Service Man

Service Screen

Appointments &Bookings

Reward Points:

Reward your customers with loyalty points and exchange them for gifts or discounts. Points can be earned by product, by order.

Complete reward points earning setting (Minimum, Maximum amount to points conversion)

Complete reward point redemption setting (Minimum, Maximum amount to points conversion)

Reward point expiry

Benefits of a POS Software

While a good POS system can help a business owner manage sales and inventory, it can also help them increase their business intelligence and marketing skills.

Increase store profitability.

Reduce administrative costs.

Manage inventory.

Improve your business intelligence.

Boost your marketing and loyalty features.

Fast checkout.

Enhanced data security

Expanded payment acceptance

Better Inventory Management

Simple Invoicing

Quick Payments

Manage Customer

Manage Customer Orders

Manage Purchasing / Supplier Order

Manage Customer Experience

Manage Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty


Manage Employee Management

Manage Promotion/Discount

Manage Service

24/7 Access to Data

Simplification of Operations

Personalization of Customer Purchases

Increased Efficiency


Cost Reduction

Increased Revenues

Advanced Reports

Multi-Store Functions

Why Choose “EverPOS” for your Business?

Technical support to your business through EverPOS implementation is no longer a luxury, but the need of the hour. It lets the authorities and faculties drive their attention away from mundane tasks and resource them for better manage and the advancement of the business.

A one-time investment that guarantees smooth operation and management in your business sector, EverPOS has a track record of 100% success in implementation. Here are a few factors which make EverPOS the best in the industry:

Cost-efficient and Highest ROI

Quantitative as well as Qualitative Data Provided

End-to-end Solution

Remote Access

Highly Customizable

Industry We Cover

Pharmacy/Medicine store

Electronics store

Patrol Pump

Gadgets shop

Computers store

Mobile shop


Furniture store

Clothing/Fashion/RMG store

Shoes/Footwear store

Jwelry shop

Chemical store

Stationery shop

Library/Book shop

Hardware store

Bike/Bicycle shop

Pastry/Bakery/Confectionery shop

Fruits store

Cosmetics shop

Saloon/Spa/Beauty parlour

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